Problems Available on the Physics Aviary
Below are all the problems available on this site. Click on the picture or the program title to go to the program or click on "See Resources" to see a description of the program and all the resources that go with this program. Use the search engine to help you find a particular problem.
2-D Momentum Conservation (Kuiper)
2-D Momentum Conservation with Energy
Acceleration on Incline Medium
Acceleration on Incline Simple
Arriving at a Certain Height
Atwood Problem
Car Acceleration (No Forces)
Car Acceleration Program
Car on a Turn
Car Stopping Distance
Car Stopping Distance Version Two
Collision to Oscillation
Constant Velocity Graph
Corner Kick Problem
Differences in Landing Locations
Differences in Landing Speeds
Displaced Angle from Acceleration
Distance Traveled (Projected by Spring)
Drone Delivery Problem
Dump Tower Level 1
Dump Tower Level 2
Dump Tower Level 3
Dump Tower Level 4
Energy and Momentum Conservation Level 1
Energy and Momentum Conservation Level 2
Energy Lost on Hill
Energy Lost on Horizontal
Energy of Ballistic Pendulum
Energy of Displaced Pendulum
Energy on Frictionless Incline
Energy on Incline With Friction
Energy on Vertical Toss
Energy to Projectile Motion
Escape Velocity
Finding Acceleration from a P vs. T graph
Finding Distance From Velocity Graph
Finding Distance From Velocity Graph (w/ Negatives)
Finding Distance From Velocity Graph Simple
Finding Equation of a Linear Graph
Finding g from Pendulum
Finding Instantaneous Velocity from a P vs. T graph
Finding Mass From Torque Hard
Finding Mass From Torque Simple
Finding Mass of a Planet
Finding Mass of Meter Stick Using Torque
Finding Speed from Impulse Graph 1
Finding Speed from Impulse Graph 2
Finding the Speed of a Satellite
Finding Velocity for Ground to Ground Kick
Fireworks Vertical Motion Level 1
Fireworks Vertical Motion Level 2
Fireworks Vertical Motion Level 3
Fireworks Vertical Motion Level 4
Football Tackle Simple
Force Electric Between Two Charges
Force Net Difficult
Force Normal on Spinning Space Station
Forces on Elevator
Forces on Incline Medium
Forces on Incline Simple
Friction to Projectile Problem
Geosynchronous Orbit
Gravitational Field Strength
Gravitational Force for Ship on a Kuiper Belt Object
Gravitational Force Satellite
Ground to Ground Soccer Kick
Ground to Wall Soccer Kick
High School Toss
Horizontal Speed from Projectile
Ice Bucket Challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge Problem with Energy
Impulse from the Boards
Jumping Joe Simple
Jumping Joey Simple Based on Energy
Kinetic Energy of a Ball Moving in a Circle
Kinetic Energy of a Curling Stone
Kinetic Energy of a Satellite
Marching Band Vector Problem
Mass of a Planet
Maximum Height of Projectile from Energy
Momentum Conservation 1 (Both @ Rest)
Momentum Conservation 2 (One @ Rest)
Momentum Conservation 3 (One Overtakes)
Momentum Conservation 4 (Head-on Collision)
Motion on an Incline Level 1
Motion on an Incline Level 2
Motion on an Incline Level 3
Net Torque Level 1
Net Torque Level 2
Newton's Law Force on Angle
Newton's Law on Incline
Newton's Law on Incline (w Friction)
Newton's Law Simple
Newton's Law System
Newton's Law System with 2 Frictions
Newton's Law System with 3 Masses
Newton's Law System with Friction
Oh Snap!
Orbital Period
Perfectly Inelastic Collision
Power to Pull Billy Up a Hill (Level 1)
Predictions from Constant Velocity Graph
Predictions From Two Points of Motion
Radar Vector Problem
Radar Velocity Problem
Relative Velocity from Graph
Relative Velocity Problem
Resultant Vector
River Crossing Problem 1
River Crossing Problem 2
River Crossing Problem 3
Robin Hood Swing
Rotational Equilibrium Level 1
Rotational Equilibrium Level 2
Rotational Kinematics
Rotational Kinematics with Energy
Soccer Shot Simple
Sonar Velocity Problem
Speed and Pace of Car
Speed from Work Graph
Speed of Car
Speed of Pac-Man 2 Dimensional
Speed of Pac-Man on x-Axis
Speed to Max Height
Spring Constant Based on Projectile
Spring Constant By Measuring Stretch
Spring Constant from Data
Spring Constant from Force Data
Spring Constant From Graph
Spring Constant from Momentum Conservation
Spring Constant from Oscillation Graph
Spring Stretch on Another Planet
Static Equilibrium Level 1
Static Equilibrium Level 2
Static Equilibrium Level 3
Stopping Distance on Other Planet
Time to Cross Table
Time to Traverse Table
Triangle Problems
Two Dimensional Momentum Conservation (Curling Stone)
Universal Gravity Problem
Walk the Planck
Work Done By Force on Angle
Work Done from Force On Angle with No Friction
Work Done from Horizontal Force with Friction
Work Done from Horizontal Force with No Friction
Work From Elastic Graph
Bernoullis Fountain Problem
Bernoullis Principle
Cargo Challenge
Continuity of Flow Problem
Determining Density of a Rock
Determining Density of Fluid
Flow Rate From Beverage Dispenser
Flow Rate Problem
Force Buoyancy
Hydraulic Lift Problem
Landing Location of a Fluid
Landing Location of a Fluid with Different Pressures
Pascal's Principle Problem
Percent Submerged Challenge
Pressure from Fluid Column
Average Kinetic Energy and rms of Ideal Gas
Efficiency Based on PV Diagram
Efficiency of an Engine
Entropy Change Problem
Final Temperature of a System
Gas Partition
Gas Partition Problem Level 2
Heat Added in a Constant Volume Process
Heat Added in Isobaric Process
Heating Curve
Internal Energy in Isothermal Compression
Power from Energy Data
Power from Temperature Data
Pressure Based On Speed
Pressure Based On Temperature
Rate of Heat Transfer
Specific Heat of a Fluid
Temperature Based on rms Speed
Work Done in a Cyclic Process
Work Done in Adiabatic Compression
Work Done in Carnot Engine
Work in an Isobaric Process
Capacitor Values Problem
Capacitors in Parallel Circuit
Capacitors in Series Circuit
Charge Causing Electric Field
Charge Causing Voltage
Charge Deflected by Capacitor
Charge Fired by a Capacitor
Charge Moving Through Magnetic Field
Charge on String in an Electric Field
Current in Wire Problem
Determining Capacitance Charge for Parallel in Series Circuit
Determining Resistances for Parallel in Series Circuit
Distance of Closest Approach
Electric Field from Two Charges
Electric Field Line
Electric Field Simple
Finding Battery Voltage Harder
Finding Battery Voltage Hardest
Finding Battery Voltage Medium
Finding Battery Voltage Simple
Finding Battery Voltage Very Hard
Finding Resistance and Capacitor Charge for Series Circuit
Force Electric in a Box Problem
Force Electric in a Line Problem
Force Electric Triangular Arrangement Problem
Internal Resistance from Circuit
Internal Resistance From Graph
Internal Resistance from Parallel Circuit
Internal Resistance from Terminal Voltage
LC Circuit powered by AC
Mass and KE of Particle in a Magnetic Field
Mass and Speed of a Particle in E and B Fields
Mass of Isotopes in a Mass Spectrometer
Parallel Circuit
Parallel Circuit with Internal Resistance
Parallel in Series Circuit
Parallel of Capacitors in a Series Circuit
RC Circuit powered by AC
RC Circuit powered by DC
Resistance of Wire Problem
RL Circuit powered by AC
RLC Circuit powered by AC
Series Circuit
Series in Parallel Circuit
Series of Capacitors in a Parallel Circuit
Speed of Charge From Repulsion
Voltage from Two Charges
Work Done in Moving Charge
Frequency for Standing Wave on a String
Frequency for Standing Wave on a String
Height of Firework
Height of Firework
Image From Converging Lens
Image From Converging Mirror
Image From Diverging Lens
Image From Diverging Mirror
Index of Refraction
Sound Intensity Problem
Sound Wave Problem
Values of a Sine Curve
Vertical Oscillation Problem
Vertical Oscillation with Timer
Wave Equations
Wave Properties from Graph 1
Wave Properties from Graph 2
Wave Properties from Graph 3
Activity of an Isotope
Binding Energy of Nucleus
Half-Life and Decay Constant From Data
Half-Life From Data
Half-Life from Graph
Light From Atom
Photoelectric Problem
Scattering Problem
Components of a 3D Vector
Data Set Generator (Learning to Curve Fit)
Displacement Vector in 3D
Length and Angle of 3d Vector
Velocity Vector in 3D